Monday, 29 July 2019

Totara Wearable Arts

During the first three weeks of the term, the Totara team are designing their Wearable Arts costumes.  They have come up with a design and their theme is Yin and Yang - so their designs have had to be based on opposites e.g rich and poor, land and water.

The children are having a great time and working collaboratively together, which at times can be a challenge but they are keeping a growth mindset!

Thursday, 30 May 2019

PCT Competition

On Monday, we had 2 teams compete at the Physical Competency Test which is the police physical obstacle course. The obstacles included climbing walls, over net fences, carrying a weight, balance beam among others. The teams were made up of 4 students - our year 7 team was Dayna, Maddie, Ethan and Milan. The year 8 team was Max, Blake, Aliyah and Ayla. The Year 7 team competed well and recorded a time of 2:56. The year 8 team managed to make a time of 2:40. At the end of the 42 teams being timed the top 3 times went through to a final. This was our year 8 team. They then had to race again to try and get a better time against 2 other teams. They managed to bring their time down to 2:16 which was faster than any other team by 10 seconds - meaning they won the competition. This also means they have qualified to travel to Wellington later in the year to compete at the National competition. What a fantastic result. Well done to all the students who competed!

National Young Leaders Day

Today a group of 14 year 7 students were selected to attend the National Young Leaders Day at Horncastle Arena. The day involved hearing about the key to leadership from a variety of guest speakers. These included Sala Tiatia, Ronnie Taulafo, Christian Gallen, Kings, Dr Lehan Stemmet and others.
The theme of the day was:
He aha te kai a te rangatira? He Kōrero, He Kōrero, He Kōrero
What is the food of a leader? It is conversations

The group took away a lot of inspiration and ideas about how to be great leaders.

Here are some photos from the day:

Sunday, 26 May 2019


On Tuesday May 21st, 70 year 5-8 children travelled to the Christchurch Town Hall to take part in Showquest. Our theme this year was to introduce and explain our school values. We did this through a modern version of the Wizard of Oz, taking a spin towards social media.
The children competed against 6 High Schools and 1 other primary school. Although Burnside High School took away most of the awards on the evening, our children did an outstanding job and looked absolutely amazing! KNS could not have been more proud of the way performed! Well done to all involved and thank you to the parents who helped out along the way and on the day!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Anti -bullying week

This week is anti-bullying week. Our school has shown support by wearing pink and donating money towards mental health. We've talked a lot about what a bully and upstander is. Here's what we think...

"An upstander is when you stand up for someone else and you respect them" - Oliver

"An upstander is someone who isn't afraid to stand up against bullying and they think about others" -Emma

"An upstander is someone who speaks out" - Dom

"Someone that gives involved in a good way" - Tyler D

"Someone who stands for people who are being bullied" - Ashleigh

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Anti Bullying Campaign

Anti Bullying Poems - by Tiwai East

Words Hurt - By Jack Brown

They make you feel worthless and small
Whilst they stand big and tall
They try to control you, get in your head
They say words that should never be said

You try to stop them, but it never works
Everything they say really does hurt
In your head they always are
They stop you from keeping on going like road tar

A friend is the only thing you want
But, the bully's are always there to haunt
They make you feel like clay
They build you up then ruin your day

Bad hate they keep on sending
In a bully's life it's really trending
They bend your mind, keep bending and bending
After all this it might not be a happy ending

Words Hurt - By Fiona Xu

You know what you say
Might hurt someone else
So think before you speak
It will help a lot

When your having fun
Others are in pain
They can fake a smile
But certainly not a heart

Once you say something mean
It takes time to heal
Don't do it in the first place
And apologise if you do

You don't know what they've been through
Everyday they wake up, hope they don't exist
All they need is a friend
And that friend can be you.

Words Hurt - By Brooke Holland

Walking through the darkness,
As we speak,
Wanting to jump off the highest peak,
It's not okay.

They feel alone while trapped in a dome,
Bullies make you feel like not wanting to be alive,
We need to help them strive.

Enough should be enough,
But that's not what bullies think,
Lets all stand together in pink.

Anti Bullying Campaign

Over the past two weeks we have been doing some focus learning around Anti-Bullying.

Here are some poems some Tiwai East students wrote:

Day By Day - By Thomas Brocherie

Day by day,
They need a friend.
While you come,
And make their lives want to end.

It could be on the internet,
Or in the playground,
Calling them names,
Making them feel down.

Put yourself in their shoes,
Being called ugly every day.
I don't think you'd find that okay.

If you do,
Make a mistake.
I'm sure they'll let you have,
Another take.

Day by day
You'll be their friend.
No one will come
And make their lives want to end.

Words Are No Joke - By Isla 

Day by day your treated like dirt 
Because the truth really does quite hurt.
Words hurt if drowned fear but don't
Forget your friends are here.

Most days you try to stay but others
You want to fade away. 
Punches are one thing words are another 
They make you want to scream and stutter.

You've acted tough
But enough is enough.
All they need is one true friend 
Before they want to reach their end. 

Words Hurt - By Billie-Jo 

Bullying is not okay,
But all the words they lay.
With all your words that overload,
Their heads might explode.

Words hit like knifes,
It changes lives.
All they want is to disappear,
And when the end is near.

Remember life isn't a movie 
Don't end it,
It may feel like drowning in a pit.
But you are stronger than you think.

Totara Wearable Arts

During the first three weeks of the term, the Totara team are designing their Wearable Arts costumes.  They have come up with a design and ...