Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Canine Educator joins Room 18 and 19

Kaiapoi North School has developed a Canine Educators programme which sets out guidelines for the use of therapy dogs working at school. This programme is one of our many enriching programmes and adds to the special character of our school.  We are excited about introducing this to Room 18 and 19 on a trial basis.

Dogs have a definite therapeutic value for children, the disabled, and the elderly. Research, and our experience, confirms that there are huge benefits from a Canine Educator programme at school, such as:
*  The programme provides a safe place for children to work through fears they may have developed of animals and dogs.
*  Children learn how to keep themselves safe around dogs.
*  Children have the opportunity to take responsibility for an animal, taking care of its needs and providing for its well-being. This responsibility relates to the Participating and Contributing and Relating to Others key competencies in the New Zealand curriculum.
*   Dogs in the classroom encourage caring and compassion, and contribute to a calm, caring, and enriching environment with a special Kiwi flavour.
*   Dogs never judge and are always keen to listen to a story or what a child has to say.
*   For children who have difficult times at home, or learning or behavioural issues, dogs can create a diversion in their thinking and give that child, and other class members, some relief and positive time out.
*   Every dog in this programme has undertaken training, possesses a calm temperament, and has passed a set criteria test. The test was designed for working in school by a very experienced Christchurch dog obedience judge.

Our 'Canine Educator' is a 3 year old Griffon called Luna.

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