Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Fully Engaged Tōtara Student

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers,

This term we have introduced a new programme to our students which reflects what a fully engaged Tōtara student looks like at Kaiapoi North School. This is a programme that has been specifically designed for our syndicate by our teachers with the help of behaviour specialists.

Each week we will focus on a new skill or value that will be explicitly taught in home classes. This skill or value will be shared with all staff in our school. Students who show the skill or value we are focussing on for the week may earn Tōtara tokens. Tokens can then be traded in for rewards of differing token values.

The skills or values that we choose to work on come from our framework which encompasses learning, behaviour and attitude/mindset. All Tōtara teachers plan this together and choose skills/values that are relevant at the time.

We have started an extra teaching session for students who may not be grasping the values or skills we are teaching. This is not a detention but rather a small group teaching session during lunchtime. This may be as simple as a quick, practical run through of how to show a certain skill e.g. active listening or a one-to-one conversation with a teacher on how they are going and the reasons why they are struggling to show a particular skill e.g. coping with challenge. Some students who do not complete their learning tasks may also need to attend these sessions to get their work done.

Starting from Week 5, we will be posting our weekly focus on our team blog and sending it out via email to keep you informed. It will be extremely valuable if you can talk to your child about our weekly focus and discuss ways in which they can show or do this at school, at home or in the community. For example, so far this term we have focussed on, Week 1: Greetings, Week 2: Manners, Week 3: Muck up, Own up, Fix up, Move on, Week 4: Active Listening.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s home class teacher.


Tōtara Team Teachers

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